Contribute & Volunteer

The Nashville Earth Day Festival will need volunteers to help with various event tasks. We welcome groups and individual volunteers. The Nashville Earth Day Festival will go on RAIN or SHINE!!

What do volunteers do?
Volunteer opportunities can generally be categorized in the following two categories and there are separate sign-up forms for each category:

  • General Festival Assistance: 8AM – 7PM

    • Event Setup: 8AM – 11AM (tents/tables/chairs/stage/etc.)
    • Exhibitors: 8AM – 11AM (Check-in/Unloading/Setup)
    • Information/T-Shirt Sales: 10AM – 7PM
    • Green Room/Stage: 1PM – 6PM
    • Event Take Down/Clean–Up: 5PM – 7 PM (tents/tables/chairs/litter, etc.)

To Volunteer for General Festival Assistance – click HERE

  • Rubbish Wranglers: 10AM – 7PM

    • Rubbish Wranglers are volunteers who have a passion for recycling!  Each year we look for a select group of volunteers to help us reach our goal of reducing any landfilled RubbishWrangers2013waste. Rubbish Wranglers will be stationed at each of several recycling/composting/trash collection kiosks located across the festival grounds, and will interact with and educate folks as they dispose of their waste. The  job will be to make festival attendees aware of what can be recycled and/or composted at our event (Answer: almost EVERYTHING!), and to make sure that they in fact recycle and/or compost everything possible.
    • Rubbish Wranglers  must arrive 15 minutes prior to their shift for a short orientation.
    • Rubbish Wranglers must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult.

To Volunteer to be a Rubbish Wrangler – click HERE

How long will volunteers work?
The Nashville Earth Day Festival needs volunteers who can commit to a specific three hour time slot.  Below are the volunteer time slots:

  • 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

What if I want to work more than three hours?
Feel free to check more than one box on the sign-up form as long as you understand that signing up for multiple time slots indicates a commitment to working all of the hours specified, not “either/or.”

Can I choose a particular type of job?
The time of day when you sign up to work generally determines what kind of jobs you might be asked to do (see examples above) unless you have signed up as a Rubbish Wrangler. You can indicate your preference for a particular job when you arrive at the Festival, and we will do our best to place you in this job. However, you may be asked to do a different job and/or switch jobs as needs arise or change. We will always accommodate any physical limitations, and you certainly will not be asked to do any job that you aren’t totally comfortable doing.

How should I dress? Do I need to bring anything?
Please wear loose fitting/comfortable clothing and supportive footwear. Many jobs will involve being in full sunlight – please also bring sunscreen and wear sun-protective clothing (e.g., hats/caps). You may need gloves for certain types of jobs (e.g., loading/unloading tables & chairs, picking up and emptying trash containers, etc.). We have had almost every type of weather at this event in the past, but typically it is cool in the early morning and very warm/hot by mid afternoon. However, rain and/or cool weather is also not uncommon this time of year.

Where do volunteers go when they get to the festival? Is there a central “check-in” place?
When you arrive at Centennial Park go to the “Volunteers” tent which will be located next to the Information tent.  Both will have large signs. You’ll sign in (“Time In” and “Liability Release” forms), and be assigned a job.

How old do volunteers need to be? Are there any restrictions?
We generally recommend that volunteers be high school age or older — children younger than 14 should have adult supervision. All Nashville Earth Day Festival volunteers are required to sign a “Liability Release” form (see below), and a parent or guardian signature is required for all minors (under age 18) who volunteer. This can be signed by a parent/guardian in advance and brought to the Festival by the youth volunteer, or signed at the event by the parent or guardian.

What if it is raining on Earth Day?
The Nashville Earth Day Festival will go on RAIN or SHINE!!

Liability Release – All volunteers are required to sign a Liability Release, either through the online registration form (for volunteers over 18) or by completing the liability waiver (for those under 18) click here to download the liability release for those under 18.


The Nashville Earth Day Festival is pleased to announce that the Nashville Parks Foundation (NPF) is the new lead organizer of the annual city-wide festival. NPF is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing community and preserving natural resources by supporting Metro Parks, trails and recreational programs.